这些年来, 无数的个体, 家庭, and businesses have provided support that has allowed Unity to continue offering Christian education to the future generations. 因为有这样的支持, Unity not only provides an education that is academically-excellent, but also offers various venues and opportunities where students can hone and develop their leadership skills for Christ and use their God-given talents to serve Him.

的 generosity of the Unity Christian community is truly a blessing, and for this we thank God. He is using His people in proclaiming the gospel to the world through the Christian education of our children.









成立于20世纪70年代初 基督教联合教育基金会 is a long-term investment plan that ensures financial assistance to the yearly budget, 从而为我们学校创造了财政稳定. 基金 基金会 go directly to support the school’s future and are raised through a variety of events, 也可以通过财产赠与的礼物, 普通的礼物, 以及其他形式的给予. 教育基金会 provides relief to the annual budget by assisting all 家庭 in reducing the overall tuition cost.


Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts can be funded with a gift of cash or an appreciated asset such as stock, and the donor can also have the security of a guaranteed income for life.


Making Unity Christian 基金会 both the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy can leave a lasting legacy that will be of benefit for years to come.


You can leave a legacy for future generations by naming mg电子试玩app or the 基金会 as a beneficiary in your will or estate plan. 如果尤妮蒂·克里斯蒂安在你的遗产计划中, we would be very grateful if you would share that information with us.


Gifts of cash or appreciated assets (such as securities) are always welcomed by the 基金会.


开车速度 (Partners in Advancing Christian Education) is our annual 学费援助 and Capital needs fundraiser that begins at the end of October and runs through December. 呼叫伙伴J. 米利托 & Associates Inc .). works with us in reaching more than 1500 members of the Unity community who support the mission of mg电子试玩app. 我们今年的年度目标是筹集425,000美元.


庆祝宴会—usually hosted annually by the Board of Trustees as a way of saying “Thanks” to all our faithful supporters. 作为一个筹款人, the Banquet supports the Education 基金会 and the 学费援助 Fund, and guests are encouraged to consider a pledge or gift for these important needs.


在统一, Christian education is flourishing through the commitment to excellence and faithfulness to God’s word. We are honored to invite you to join in our mission through participation in our new capital campaign – 建立团结扩展活动. Through this $23 million campaign, current and future students will be blessed. New and renovated spaces will allow for Unity’s mission of mg电子试玩app将其融入不断壮大的学生群体的生活中.

我们希望你能参与到这场运动中来. With God’s blessing and your generosity we can accomplish the goal. Ready to take the next step in helping us complete this campaign? 现在捐赠 or please use the “pledge” button below to commit to praying or assisting us financially with this campaign. 


We have been blessed by our supportive Crusader Community in the completion of many projects on our campus. 的 Building Unity Campaign started as an idea in the 1990s and has resulted in the 现有的 48号,校园和运动场th 大道.

Please contact our Director of Development – Troy Billin (tbillin@chuang-si.com) at 616-662-4011 with any comments, questions, or concerns.


Be a part of the lasting legacy by purchasing a Brick for the courtyard where students can gather, 吃, 学习与联谊. 花150美元就能买到刻有文字的积木, 短语, 的名字, or scripture that will commemorate your involvement to mg电子试玩app.


复兴转售商店 非营利的转售商店卖衣服吗, 家具, 家居用品, 体育用品, 孩子的物品, 和更多的.​ 恢复 is sponsored by mg电子试玩app for the benefit of all the Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools (EOCS). 恢复已经支付了2,271,920美元.自2010年开办以来,学费减免了00美元. 访问 恢复, our community resale store, located at 3675 Baldwin Street in Hudsonville.


Unity holds our annual golf outing that offers golf enthusiasts an enjoyable round of golf and gr吃 fellowship in the beginning of summer. This event is held at Sunnybrook Country Club and is co-sponsored by the Education 基金会 and Athletic Boosters. 许多奖品和美味的食物提供了一个有趣的一天. 请mg电子试玩app的体育主任-杰夫恩格斯在 jengbers@chuang-si.com 有什么问题吗.


纪念TJ VanKoevering. 一个内心和性格都包容他人的年轻人, 谁对朋友和家人的爱和关心是明确的, whose willingness to serve others and commitment to follow Jesus spoke volumes and left an impression on all who knew him well. 无论他走到哪里,他都通过自己的行动向世人展示基督, 包括足球场和篮球场. He was a linebacker and tight end for Unity’s 2018 State-Championship football team and a power forward for Unity’s 2019 State-Championship basketball team.


Unity Christian hosts an annual 废金属驱动器 in Spring. 的 annual scrap metal drive is open to anyone who has scrap metal they want to recycle. 的 proceeds from the recycled metal benefit the Unity Christian & 哈德逊维尔基督教教育基金会. Please check back here early 2022 for information regarding our 2022 废金属驱动器.


Unity Christian’s annual 庆祝宴会 occurs in late April and is hosted by the Board of Trustees as a way of saying “thanks” to all our faithful supporters. 的 Banquet supports the Education 基金会 and the 学费援助 Fund. 

# GivingTuesday

联合基督教参加了全球筹款活动, # GivingTuesday, that occurs the Tuesday following Thanksgiving every year, 为P筹集资金.A.C.E..

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